Individuals, their interactions and communication are highly valued in Agile.

These values frequently find application in the form of big visible charts or information radiators.

Yet, in a lot of large, traditional organizations who have started their journey in Agile, the public display of information, uniformly accessible to all, is unsettling.

Through a “scary” analysis of the impact of the lack of transparency, I aim to build a really strong case for more transparency at the workplace.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction / Context Setting (5 minutes)
  • What is the impact of lack of transparency (10 minutes)
    • Discuss various aspects like ignorance, bad politics, others
    • Discuss how these may manifest themselves in the workplace
  • Big visible information radiators (5 minutes)
    • Popular media
    • Popular charts, visuals

Learning Outcome

The audience will gain insight into the real impact of lack of transparency and symptoms to watch out for.

They will also get a quick overview about popular big visible information radiators.

Target Audience

Agile practitioners, Coaches, Scrum Masters, Managers, Executives, Change Agents



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