Isn't agile project management an oxymoron?

Topic : Isn't agile project management an oxymoron?

Theme : Smart

This talk is about , How organizations are getting smart ==> Smarter in Agile Journey. I will focus on real time example.
E.g. Previously we had old traditional Phone , now we have Smart Phones etc.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  1. Initial Discussion/Interaction with Audience for 30 minutes .

    I will explain , How Mobile Phones are getting smart , so our Team and Organizations ?
    How Agile Methods help for SMART ?

    Specific: Who the participants are, and what the action or activity is required ?

    Measurable: Quantity of change that is to be expected throughout the objective.?

    Achievable: The objective must be attainable with the amount of time and resources available.?

    Realistic: Create an objective that is reasonable to ensure achievement with the available time and resources.?

    Time-bound: Provide a timeline to outline when the objective will be achieved. Reinforce with consistent feedback ?

  2. Understanding of Key learning , " How Team and Organization will become Agile/Smart " .
  3. Q & A

Learning Outcome

Team will learn "How to implement Agile , Agile Thinking , Agile Selling " in their work.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Project Managers , Agile Coaches & Leadership Leads.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Knowledge of Process , Project Management , Agile Methodology , Scrum etc.

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Public Feedback

    • Vikas uppal

      Vikas uppal / Anubhav Sinha - What you Miss in your Customer Journey , How to identify using Innovation Games (r)

      90 Mins
      Hands on Session

      This talk is to identify real innovation item type needed in any Customer or Product Journey, a simple yet important topic and how Innovation games help in unveiling that.

      Why and what are 30 minutes talk and How is in workshop fashion experience, where facilitator will facilitate, teach and play with the 35 min ( One of the game -: Buy Your feature preferably).

      10 minutes for scaling of result analysis.

      15 minutes of Q & A and more applicabilities of attendees situations.