Nurture Organizations Through Servant Leadership!

For Scrum teams to be successful, they have to evolve and adopt the mindset of servant leadership.

  • What does Servant Leadership mean to Team?
  • How about the management?!

The consciousness of the System is a shadow of it's leader and limited by the consciousness of the leader. How to elevate the consciousness of the leader (and in-turn system as a whole) to take the organization to the next level?

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. - Albert Einstein


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • Introduce audience to concept of Servant Leadership (5 minutes)
  • Discuss Characteristics and Qualities of a Servant Leaders (10 minutes)
  • A 5 year journey of Agile Transformation in a bank (100,000+ people)
    • How the leadership served the change - top down (10 minutes)
    • Situational leadership, some examples how a Scrum Master/Team members showed Leadership - bottom up (10 minutes)
  • Discussion with Audience - Where they see Servant Leadership in the current organizations? Or anything they think of, they can do differently on Monday? (5 minutes) [1 or 2 people depending upon how we are doing with time]
  • Questions(5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

  • Explore successful practices of servant leaders
  • Inspire people from stories of others
  • Situational leadership style
  • To reflect and share individual understandings of how to implement servant leadership in our Teams and Organizations as a whole

Target Audience

Scrum Masters or People in leadership positions who acts as team/org enablers

Prerequisites for Attendees

None in particular

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