Let's get onto a journey

From "No" /"Yes, but" to "Yes, and"!

Improv is the act of working together to build something new from a bunch of quickly generated ideas, disposing quickly that don’t work and building on the things that do along the way. The more an improv team works together, the more they trust each other, and the better they know each other’s’ strengths and how to use them. Isn’t it Agile Teams also all about?

Make other people look good. This will make you look better, too. Let's experience this through fun games!


Outline/Structure of the Hands on Session

  • Improv - Introduction (5-10 minutes)

Four rules of Improv:

    1. Say Yes
    2. Yes, And
    3. Make Statements
    4. No Mistakes, Only Opportunities
  • Form teams of 5-6 people (5 minutes)
  • Play and spread laughters around!!

Some of the games participants would experience are:

  1. Imitation (7 minutes)
  2. Yes Lets (8 minutes)
  3. Count to 20 as a Team (10 minutes)
  4. Conducted Story (10 minutes)
  5. Change (10 minutes)
  6. Freeze (10 minutes)
  7. Reporter (10 minutes)

We inspect and adapt on number of games we play.

I explain each warm-up game and then each team plays it. We play around 6-8 games and inspect and adapt depending upon time.

Debrief (5-10 minutes):

  • I draw parallels between Improv and Software Teams (self-organizing, cross-functional)
  • Relates to Scrum Values
  • How would feel if this team of 5-6 members is the team you work with? If they observed - Collaboration, Communication, Safety & Trust in team.

Questions (5 minutes)

All participants leave with a smile!

Learning Outcome

Unleash the power of using "yes, and"?

To preserve our precious time and energy, we often default to 'no,' yet this only closes the door to our growth, while a 'yes' opens a world of possibilities.

The secret is adding 'yes, and' to our lives. This easiest of the phrase opens the doors to better collaboration and positive relationships and invites self-sustaining opportunities into our world. 'Yes, and' helps you get from where you are, as an individual or organization, to where you want to be.

Target Audience

Anyone who likes to laugh

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing in particular

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