A Late-Night Bus Trip, Personal Agility and Me: How Powerful Questions Can Change a Life

There are moments in life when we feel overwhelmed, scared, or stuck in a dead-end situation. Some of that is due to external circumstances, some is self-inflicted.

But it doesn't have to be that way. We can get out of the quagmire to become who we really want to be. All starts with having the courage to acknowledge that we need to change.

My talk is about a true story: How I started my journey into Agility and Personal Agility, how I discovered about the force of powerful questions, and how what I discovered allowed me to help someone else. We have in ourselves everything we need to take our lives back into our hands. Sometimes we just need a helping hand!

How can we transform the way we look at things? Where do we start to change the aspects of our life we are not happy with? What questions help us discover what we really want for ourselves?

I will reference the powerful questions presented by the Coaches Training Institute. I'll give examples of powerful questions compared to closed questions, and I will show how different the outcome of the two types of questions may be.

I will discuss how powerful questions help us recognize our role in what happens to us, and help us change our attitude in how we respond to the events of life. By looking for answers to powerful questions, we begin to accept responsibility for our life, and that responsibility process is very empowering. I will use my story of a casual encounter with a stranger to show how, even if we can't always control the events in our life, we always have a choice of how we respond to them.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Life is change

Who I am, how I discovered Agility and Personal Agility

What is Personal Agility and how it work

My experience with Personal Agility, challenges and successes

Powerful questions, what they are, why they are so powerful and how they can do for you

Starting the responibility process

A true story: a casual encounter and the impact of powerful questions

How we can impact our own lives and the people around us

Learning Outcome

The audience will gain insight into what Personal Agility is and how it works, and will hear about the force of powerful questions and their impact on people.

I hope my story will inspire others to apply the agile mindset to the whole of their lives, to become who they really want to be!

Target Audience

Agile practitioners, Coaches, General Audience

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites to attend, just an open and curious mind !


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