Dojo Labs is an Agile product development framework built on the concept of hyper sprints. Dojo Labs as a process framework is built on the fundamentals of SCRUM, XP, and Agile Dojo. It enables teams to build “E-shaped” skills with high technical agility. This talk is about our experiences with respect to our experiments with dojo as a product development framework across different domains. Our experiences include mostly learning from failures and successes and hence the session would be driven by case studies. We will also be discussing our studies on teams that adopted dojo as a way of working which showcased substantial improvement in predictability, productivity, and technical agility. We will also touch upon how dojo acted as a constructive constrain to triggers change for good. Last but not the least we will also discuss our SENSEI program which helped us scale our dojo capability of practitioners


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  • Dojo labs introduction
    Why Dojo labs ?
  • The LIFE Principle
  • Our research findings on Dojo labs applied to teams as a way of working
  • The science why it worked, Dojo as a constructive constraint
  • The SENSI program, how we scaled
  • Case studies 2 success stories and 1 failure

Learning Outcome

  • Understand Dojo labs as an agile software development framework
  • Understanding context where Dojo labs can be adopted and not
  • Participants would be able to relate to their work context and see if Dojo labs could be a good fit and apply to their day to day work
  • See how they could re-use the dojo SENSI program on building capability in there organization
  • LIFE labs is a result of 2 years of our experimentation and experiences, participants will be able to live through the learning, stand on it and take Dojo labs to the next level

Target Audience

Leadership , Product owner , Scrum Master , Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

- Basic Knowledge on Agile values and Principles



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      anju rose - Hands on workshop for trunk driven development.

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      Hands on Session

      "Branches create distance between developers and we do not want that"
      — Frank Compagner, Guerrilla Games

      Trunk based development is an agile engineering practice to attain a state of continuous deployment, but what is being observed in the industry is that most of the teams struggle to apply this concept .This workshop is a practical keyboard driven workshop which will enable the participants to have a in-depth understanding and know how to apply the concept.Workshop will cover typical antipatterns and myths related to trunk based development.