My session explores different aspects which today's Executives needs to embrace in order to survive Digital Transformations.

Lean and Agile Principles helps them to look at their Blind Spots!

Learn Fast: Stop Starting, Start Finishing, Slow down to go faster

Pivot Early- Accept Hard Truths, Fail Early Fail Often

Embrace Lean- Do Less, Less Waste, Simple Design, Agile Architecture, Set Based Designs, MBSE etc.

System Thinking- Think Big start small

Lead the Change- Lead by Example, Shift from managing for results to designing environments that create results


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Session slides can be seen at :

Overal outline will be :

Intro - 3 mins

how Agile is different than traditional work? 2 mins

Visiility Need across different layers 2 mins

Need for Portfolio and 4 lenses to help lean-agile execution - 20 mins

Benefits of 4 lenses - 10 mins

How Executives to achieve benefits - 7 min.

I close with a short summary (2 mins).
I include a different experiences from my own experience to exemplify some points.

Learning Outcome

1) What are the things which Executives needs to do differently during their transformation journeys.

2) Lean Agile principles which can help them survive the transformation.

Target Audience

Executives, C-Level, Senior Portfolio Managers etc


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