The purpose of the talk is to examine the skills gap for Development Teams to have a strategic vision of the products that are being created. Whilst Development Teams members are able to gain knowledge through education and training programs, difficulties can arise when transferring learning into practical work settings.

I will share my experiences of facilitating hands-on Workshops using the Design Sprint with Scrum Framework and applying the Agile principles with multiple teams from different companies, the challenges that they faced and the benefits of using this model.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Introduction - 10 Minutes

What is Design Sprint – 5 Minutes

Design Sprint with Scrum – 15 Minutes

Benefits & Conclusions – 5 Minutes

Q&A – 10 Minutes

Learning Outcome

The audience will gain understanding about the benefits identified by running the Design Sprint with Scrum that include: a greater understanding of customers’ needs, reduced times in making decisions, faster prototype development times, faster developing processes, faster production times, improved customer relationships, improved reputation and improved soft skills such a communication and team work.

Target Audience

General audience, everyone is welcome.

Prerequisites for Attendees



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