SHE QC is an effective technique to structure your never-ending grooming meetings. The SHE QC style of grooming is an effective style for complex stories especially when we need different viewpoints to be considered. One can use the technique to structure their 3 Amigo discussion to elaborate and define scenarios. It is a highly structured & time-boxed grooming technique used by advanced engineering teams to learn, define what needs to develop and remove any second-degree ignorance - “I don’t know I don’t know something”. The technique enables teams to groom stories in a more continuous manner and ideal for teams operating in a hyper sprint mode.


Outline/Structure of the Hands on Session

30 - min , discuss the technique - deck attached

40 -min - Mock grooming workshop - deck slide 11

10-min , refection

10-min, Q&A

Learning Outcome

Practical knowledge to apply SHEQC At work

Target Audience

Leadership , Product owner , Scrum Master , Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

-Agile Values and principles


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      anju rose - Hands on workshop for trunk driven development.

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      90 Mins
      Hands on Session

      "Branches create distance between developers and we do not want that"
      — Frank Compagner, Guerrilla Games

      Trunk based development is an agile engineering practice to attain a state of continuous deployment, but what is being observed in the industry is that most of the teams struggle to apply this concept .This workshop is a practical keyboard driven workshop which will enable the participants to have a in-depth understanding and know how to apply the concept.Workshop will cover typical antipatterns and myths related to trunk based development.