Home automation using Amazon Alexa on Raspberry Pi

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This talk/demonstration is aimed at using Amazon Alexa Voice Service with Raspberry Pi on one end and using Eclipse Kura running on another Raspberry pi which controls the devices on another end for home automation. Eclipse Kura on Pi is used as a gateway for AWS IoT.  I will talk and demonstrate about home automation in specific, however we can use this for various other industries like Healthcare, Automotive.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Quick Introduction to Raspberry Pi and Amazon Alexa

How to prepare Pi for Amazon Alexa

Configuring Amazon Alexa Voice Service

Configuring Eclipse Kura and AWS IoT on Raspberry Pi

System Architecture


Learning Outcome

Understanding the required setup on the Raspberry Pi

Understanding Amazon Alexa Voice Service API

Kura, AWS IoT and AWS Lamda in action

Where else can we use this?

Target Audience

IoT enthusiasts, Embedded engineers, Software engineers


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