CONSUMING an EMF MODEL in UR ECLIPSE UI - Importance of .EDIT Plugin

Out of my 10yrs of Eclipse Consulting, what i have realised is most of our Eclipse Projects use EMF as the standard modelling framework. But many of us do not use the .EDIT plugin that is generated by EMF. We proudly talk about EMF being a Code Generator which can give us the Model as well as the Controller.

But how to use this Controller becomes a question and we find alternative ways of solving this issue by implementing the same using Eclipse API like writing our own Content and Label Providers, Our Own Property Descriptors, Hooked up Model Refresh.

All of us know how to generate an EMF Model. There are many good tutorials online to teach you that. But there is very limited documentation on how to use the .EDIT Plugin in your code. This talk is to revolve around how to use .EDIT and customise it to your needs. This would save you a lot of time and avoid rewriting of the generated code.

This Talk would be an extract of a book content that i am writing. The article



Learning Outcome

Participants would confidently walk out of the session having an understanding of .EDIT Plugin and its importance and why it is so useful. How frameworks like ECP, EEF, EMF Forms are build around it.

Target Audience

Eclipse Plugin Developers, Modelling Guys


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