Building an open Internet of Things: an overview of Eclipse IoT

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In order to be successful, the Internet of Things will have to be built on top of open standards and open source technologies, just like good ol' Internet is. Open source initiatives like Eclipse IoT have your back covered by providing you the very building blocks needed for enabling IoT solutions, all the way from the software you will run on your sensors, to gateway management solutions, to back-end infrastructures.

Join us to learn about the key challenges of IoT, and which open-source projects will help you connect and manage your future IoT devices!



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      Eclipse IOT provides an umbrella of projects addressing various needs on the domain. An overview of Eclipse Kura introducing this light weight OSGi container and its capabilities will help find the attendees a familiar footing in IOT domain. Apache Camel can be leveraged to provide an abstraction and easy to follow widely used Enterprise Integration Patterns. Used in conjunction with Eclipse Paho will allow developers to easily route the messages over MQTT. An integration with Apache ActiveMQ instance will just complete this IOT curry. This will take the attendees through a range of IOT project yet keep up in the flow.

      A demonstration will made with Intel Edison IOT kit showing all these in action.