Refactoring to Java 8 (with lambdas and streams) using Eclipse

The Java 8 release has some of the most important feature additions to the Java language and the library. Key features added in Java 8 include lambda functions, stream API and date and time API. The main benefit of Java 8 features is productive programming: getting work done more efficiently and effectively. 

In this completely hands-on session (extensive set of sample programs will be shared to all participants), this workshop introduces all the important concepts and features important for leveraging Java 8 features for regular work and improve productivity. Attraction: Demonstration of Eclipse features for automatic refactoring to lambdas. Special feature: Live demo of refactoring open source legacy code base to show how lambdas and streams can result in shorter and effective code. 



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

* Introduction to lambdas and streams API (10 minutes) 

* Warm-up: Refactoring to lambda functions and functional interfaces (30 minutes) 

* Into the rapids: Hands-on with streams API (30 minutes) 

* Live demo using Eclipse: Refactoring legacy code to modern Java 8 code (15 minutes) 

* Wrap-up and Q & A (5 minutes) 

Learning Outcome

* How to convert imperative code (loops and conditionals) to functional code (lambdas and streams) 

* Know-how of approach to apply functional programming concepts in practice 

Target Audience

Developers, leads, architects


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