As the aura of cloud computing spreads,so grows the demand for PAAS solutions which allow the developers to focus on their application and data and takes care of all the other factors like middleware,networking,runtimes,OS,servers and storage.In this talk,we will see how we can push our code developed in Eclipse Neon to Platform-as-a-Service  and how we,as developers can leverage the benefits of various cloud computing to set up a DevOps environment.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  1. Overview of Cloud Computing[2 mins]
  2. Various PAAS Solutions available[1 min]
  3. How to use various PAAS Solutions with Eclipse Neon[Installation of plugins,pushing code][10 mins]
  4. How to set up a DevOps environment with Eclipse Neon and Cloud[7 mins]

Learning Outcome

After this session,the audience will be able to

  1. Understand Cloud Computing concepts
  2. Understand PAAS solutions available
  3. Use Cloud from Eclipse
  4. Create a DevOps environment and be more productive

Target Audience

Technologists interested in PAAS, Cloud Computing and DevOps

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