Atomic Developer Bundle: Putting Development Front and Center

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Developing applications is fun.  Admit it.  You enjoy solving problems and writing a particularly clever and efficient algorithm.  What's not fun? Building your development environment.  Of course we all love taming Eclipse and customizing the actual interface we work in, but, we don't want to play system administrator and build out a local test environment.  Mocking isn't always sufficient and sometimes we really just want the pieces to work out of the box.  For those days when you want to open the box of Lego and pull out a completed model, we bring you the Atomic Developer Bundle.

Eclipse and the Atomic Developer Bundle allows you to start developing containerized applications faster because you don't have to worry about all of the setup and configuration of docker and various orchestrators across every operating system.  This "one stop shop" of infrastructure goodness will have you working with Java, nodeJS, Python, or any other development environment you choose quickly and in a container environment that is going to work for DEV, TEST, and PROD.

This talk will consist mostly of a demonstration so you can see the tools in use, not just on a slide.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • 10 min Introduction and Components
  • 20 min Demo
  • 10 min Slides with features
  • 5 min Q&A

Learning Outcome

 Attendees will walk away ready to go from "zero-to-hero" as a developer of containerized applications using Eclipse.

Target Audience

Developers using Eclipse to build containerized applications.



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