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This talk takes you through the life cycle of a bug in Eclipse from the filing of the bug to the state of commit of the solution of that bug. As all are aware, all the issues are tracked via bugzilla, and the story starts with the creation of the bug

New -> Analyze and move to Assigned. The owner of the bug analyzes, finds the solution, writes the test cases and commits into Gerrit. Gerrit runs all the tests and if found successful will flag so. Then the owner adds the reviewers, Reviewers review the code and suggests any changes inline and owner acts upon them. This repeats till there are no more review comments. Owner commits code using gerrit itself.

This talk will take you through a demo of this process.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction

2. Specific tools used in eclipse

3. demo

Learning Outcome

Higher productivity for developers.

Target Audience


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    • Gunnar Wagenknecht

      Gunnar Wagenknecht - Eclipse Bundle Recipes

      20 Mins

      The Eclipse Platform is based on OSGi and OSGi is a model to modularize Java applications at runtime. Unfortunately, not all Java libraries provide the necessary metadata required for OSGi. Thus, if developers want to consume a library, they have to generate the OSGi metadata themselves. This problem is solved by the Eclipse Bundle Recipes project. It provides a library of templates (the “recipes”) and tools that can be used to create OSGi bundles. You have a library that you'd like to use in your OSGi project? Then stop by in this session and see if the Eclipse Bundle Recipes (EBR) project already has a recipe for your. You will learn how easy it is to consume libraries from Maven repositories and turn them into OSGi bundles. We will also demonstrate how the recipes and build system can be deployed in to create bundles at large scale and consumed in your builds. Last but not least, we will also show you how to contribute recipes to the EBR project.