Do you want to get data about my manager?Do you want to know who manages my manager and hence me?Well,knowing your organization's hierarchy is now possible with a single click.

With the advent of Micro-service architecture and Spring Boot's support for Neo4j,its easier to model data in the form of a graph and retrieve the results by searching in the graph.

In this session,we'll focus on the basics of spring  boot, Neo4j and how the two can be leveraged for the given use-case.The session would end via a demo and code walk-through.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Structure of the session will be as follows,

  1. Introduction to Microservice Architecture.
  2. Introduction and basics of Spring Boot.With demo of building basic Spring Boot app.
  3. Introduction and Basics of Neo4j. With demo of modelling using Neo4j.
  4. Building Spring Boot app leveraging modelling capabilities of Neo4j.
  5. Demo.

Learning Outcome

Knowledge of Spring Boot basics and Neo4j basics.

Knowledge of building apps leveraging Microservice architecture of Spring Boot and modelling capabilities of Neo4j.

Target Audience

Technologists interested in No Sql graph databases and data modelling via using these

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