Setting up a suitable development environment in eclipse for any project is tedious task. This involves many activities like downloading the suitable eclipse, installing supporting tools, cloning source repositories, customizing your workspace and the list goes on.

 Wait, Eclipse has a lightening solution - Oomph

 What can you do with Oomph is thrilling. Say,

  1. Install/update Eclipse with appropriate tools
  2. Cloning repositories
  3. Clean and warning-free workspace
  4. Meaningful working sets
  5. Appropriate target platform
  6. Manage project-scoped and personal preferences
  7. Install your personal tools, tools can't you live without and many more :)

So store and distribute your setup, let’s worry on only developing.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Overview of Oomph
  2. Create a Setup Project Model
  3. Understanding Oomph Setup engine - variables, tasks etc
  4. Tasks
    • git clone
    • Target Platform
    • Project Imports
    • Working Sets
    • Preferences
    • Mylyn
    • Streams
  1. Analyzing bundle pools
  2. End user benefits

Learning Outcome

End of the session, any developer working with eclipse would be able to setup his new development workspace in few clicks.

Target Audience

All Eclipse Developers

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