NodeJS has become a stack of choice for developing microservices. Application life cycle of a microservice with NodeJS would require a developer to develop, build and deploy the application. Join us in this session to learn why you should be building microservice and when Node.js becomes a great choice to build one. Learn how Eclipse IDE integrated with Oracle Developer Cloud helps developers in managing the DevOps for a NodeJS based microservice application on Oracle Public Cloud.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will focus on building Microservices using Oracle Database and Nodejs, leveraging the tools like Eclipse IDE, Grunt, Oracle Developer Cloud Service for effective DevOps. It will also cover the following aspects:

  • About Microservices

  •  Stack and Tools to build Microservices

  •  DevOps Perspective

  •  Eclipse for developing a Microservice

  •  Architecture

  • Demo

Learning Outcome

At the end of session participants will have a good understanding of when and why to use Node.js microservices. It will help them understand the DevOps perspective of developing Node.js microServices, tooling(IDE, Build tools) and platforms that can be leveraged for implementation. 

Target Audience

Developers and Architects interested in using Node.js as a technology stack for developing Microservices and also want to understand the tooling and platforms for its effective DevOps execution.

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