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Maintaining and analyzing measured data is crucial for achieving high product quality, early product validation and for fast paced production of variants where measured data need to be compared and analyzed among variants. The standardization of Measured Data Management  (MDM) across domains has been a topic  that has gained significant importance in recent times.

openMDM is an Eclipse project that provides an open platform for MDM that aims at simplifying and accelerating the development and deployment of MDM systems.
This session will demonstrate a 2D/3D representation of measured data based on openMDM using visualization projects available under Eclipse Science like ICE (Integrated Computational Environment) and EAVP (Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project)


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Talk, Demo

Learning Outcome

For users of ODS data, this session gives an overview on the off the shelf platform 'openMDM' available in Eclipse.


Target Audience

Users of ODS and Visulization tools

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