According to Gartner, it is estimated that by year 2030, up to 80% of routine work — which represents the bulk of human hours expended across today’s PPM disciplines — could be eliminated as a result of collaboration between humans and smart machines. Similarly, by year 2030 Agile would have become standard delivery method adopted by organizations across the globe. It means there is very high probability of activities that Scrum Master, Product Owner and the team which are doing today will be automated or will be done managed by smart machines.

AI will play significant role to automate most of the activities involved in the areas of Agile requirement/backlog management, project management, scrum management & continuous delivery areas. Bots and AI will be extensively used to achieve this and thus enabling team to focus on other high value innovation activities.

In this proposed Session, we will help participants to familiarize with industry standard AI maturity levels and popular Machine Learning methods and how to apply them to Agile delivery processes with real world solutions. Solutions include automating routine tasks through to providing concrete, data-driven insights to improve team performance or to identify areas which calls for Agile coach’s attention.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Session Plan:

05 Mins | Introduction and Context Setting: During first 5 mins, we will set the context referring Gartner’s survey and will set the learning expectations also
05 Mins | Race For AI: Will make participants aware of current race which is going on between industry leaders for AI
05 Mins | What is AI: Will help participants to understand AI at high level by talking about leading AI technologies, solutions, maturity levels
10 Mins | What is ML: Will help participants to understand ML at high level by explaining them about ML categories, types, popular methods with matching examples from Agile which we have implemented
10 Mins | Why AI for Agile: Will explain that how AI can complement Agile and can expedite Inspect & Adapt.

05 Mins | Conclusion (Next Steps for Agile SMEs, Possible challenges and proposed solutions: Will help participants to learn that how they can utilize learnings of this workshop to leverage AI capabilities in their Agile Assignments)

05 Mins | Q & A: Will utilize last 5 mins to address participants questions (if any) and will conclude the workshop.

Learning Outcome

Key Learning:

  • How an Agile SME / Scrum Master / Agile Coach can utilize AI capabilities to address agile delivery challenges or to enhance agile team capabilities

Other Learnings:

  • Basic concepts of AI
  • Basic concepts of ML
  • Real examples to understand how AI can complement Agile

Target Audience

Scrum Master / Agile Coach / Agile SME

Prerequisites for Attendees

Prior agile exposure either as Scrum Master / Agile Coach / Agile SME

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