Often organizations transform into agile but fail to deliver Business Agility. I would like to talk about a few mindset changes required for Leaders in order to build true Agile organizations and I would like to use the most disciplined organization in India as a case study , "The Indian Armed forces". An organization that is distributed across cultures and geography , yet very disciplined and lives the real agility every moment. What lessons can the corporate leaders learn in order to build such true agile organizations.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1) Why Armed forces? Do we have in common in what we do in agile organizations and the Army ?

2) Indian Armed forces vs Corporates

3) 12 Leadership commandments

4) Learning vs Unlearning

5) Focus on Facts vs Fiction

6) Inspire and align with mission

7) Lead and Live like a Legend!!

8) Marching Against Impossible

9) Ground of Tactical Importance

10) Lessons the Agile coach must impart to Leaders

Learning Outcome

1) The audience will be convinced that the approach taken today for Agile transformation is incorrect

2) The Leaders will be convinced that by doing right things, they can build true Agile Organizations

Target Audience

Agile teams and Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have an idea why most organizations who transition into Agile fail becoming real Agile organizations


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      We are all hearing about Internet of things IoT and connected devices as the next big IT revolution. The next big business value will be from the data collected from the millions of connected devices, and the applications that create a value from the data.

      The new generation devices will be "Smart" and will be enabled to connect to cloud and exchange data, however in the automation industry there are already millions of devices, managing huge factories, airports, buildings, university campuses etc that also need to be connected to generate value from the data collected by the devices.

      This connectivity will be provided by the new age "EdgeDevices", the edge devices not only offer secure connectivity to the cloud and secure IT friendly data exchange, but also have a computing power to perform Edge analytics, ensuring that "Smart data " and not "BIG data" is collected n the cloud.