Teams starting their Agile journey afresh often face problems while creating roadmaps. Agile teams tend to lose sight of the bigger picture while focusing solely on delivering one sprint at a time.

Product Owners face challenges like

  1. How do we create a high-level release plan if the team is not going to estimate their effort in hours?
  2. The team has never worked together before. How will they know each other’s strength and capabilities to do a detailed story point estimation of high level user stories?
  3. How is the high-level release plan going to help us?
  4. How do we plan to meet the timelines set by the business?

It becomes imperative for the Product Owner to focus on the release plan and revise it regularly to make sure it stays true to the business goal. Without a release plan, the stakeholders may not understand the scope of the engagement and future planning becomes difficult. Systematic Release Planning process is useful to kick-start the brainstorming and requirement elucidation phase to arrive at a mutually agreeable project roadmap.

This session will arm you with a step-by-step guideline to conduct Release planning along with tools and techniques


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

  1. Typical format of Business requirement workshops
  2. Challenges faced by delivery and Business teams
  3. Systematic release planning
    1. Identify the users
    2. Map user journeys
    3. Identify epics
    4. Identify themes
    5. Identify possible user stories
    6. Create Story Map
    7. Map dependencies
    8. Story sizing
    9. Create high level sprint plan
    10. Identify MVP
  4. Benefits of Systematic release planning
  5. Case Studies

Learning Outcome

1. Understand how release planning is done

2. Benefit of Story mapping and Systematic Release planning

3. Concept of MVP

Target Audience

People interested in understanding the step by step process of transforming business vision to deliverable software

Prerequisites for Attendees

1. Estimation in Agile

2. Writing effective user stories

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