Forget about Self-organizing Teams, Talk about Self-organizing Organisations: Do they REALLY exist?

"The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams."

Self-organizing teams is one of the principles in Agile, but can we think beyond teams? Something like Self-organizing organizations???

Is it a dream or reality?

If we have to make self-organizing organizations, how we will do it?

  • What will be organization structure?
  • What will be practices?
  • What are the processes?
  • How it will be governed?
  • Can everyone achieve it?
  • Can legacy organizations transform?

This session will be thought provoking to think about how these organizations can look like.

Walk with me the journey of human evolution and how it has carved path for organizational evolution

This session will give real life examples of organizations who have achieved this with more than thousands of people and established not in 2000s but in 1980s. Agile already existed in these organizations, much before we can think of.

This session is a practical guide on how they have achieved it.

The journey of Self-Organizing 0rganizations has already STARTED................but where???? innocentinnocent

This session is inspired by research done by Frederic Laloux .


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. History of human evolution : 5 mins

2. Story of existing organizations and how existing hierachical organizations operate: 5 mins

3. What are self-organizing organizations - 10 mins

4. Practicality of self-organizing organizations through case study covering - 20 mins

  • Policies
  • Practices
  • Structure
  • Governance

Learning Outcome

Expected outcome of this session to rouse you with the thoughts of how current organization structures could evolve over a period of time

Success sutra for organizations to exist and out-perform

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

Open mind tongue-out


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