This talk will be a sort of my research work and based upon my observations and is exploratory in nature. Based upon the facts and evidences taken from various dimensions of life, This talk tries connecting dots from different walks of life and provide an overview of the big agile picture and determine its relevancy into one’s day to day personal and professional activities. First, this Talk strive to understand how human race have been able to scramble our ways to the present age holding the torch of Agile. In this journey this Talk provide glimpses and insights from Vedas, other ancient and modern texts, Various Martial Arts forms, various world happenings and try to visualize Agile Ecosystem as big picture moving in its entirety.

Then This talk facilitates to thrive one’s awareness into Agile landscape and through mutual observation and conscience helps fathom the essence of agile Ecosystem and correlate agile Usage and Agile values and principles with various discoveries , inventions and happenings around the world in the wider spectrum of this vast existence. After providing a wider outlook, This Talk accentuates to make sense out of various buzz words like block chain, bitcoins, AI, augmented reality, Kaizen, Lean etc. and their potential and roles in Agile Ecosystem and improvise one’s understanding upon present ways of living and working and future possibilities with Agile in IT and beyond.

This talk will help understand the essence of Agile, its texture, chemical composition and structure of the very ground upon which present days business model and industries are built and operating as functional quotient and how Human’s Agile based genetic intelligence finding its manifestations into One’s mindscape, and subsequently in our behavior and actions, culture and Societies and in almost all dimensions of One’s life and thus plays role in shaping this world.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. A brief history of Agile Landscape - The Genesis
  2. What, Why and How Paradigm: Connecting dots , exploring relevancy with evidences, facts and figures and depicting bigger picture including prominent technology trends, methodologies till now. Will try demonstrate What, Why and how part of Agile in correlation with recent technology storms like ,
    1. Machine Learning :
    2. Artificial intelligence :
    3. Augmented Reality :
    4. Mixed Reality :
    5. Block Chain

And our present and future with this.

3. Taming the Beast : Beasts are all around in the form of ML, AI, Mixed reality, Augmented reality, block chain etc and we still don't fully understand the nature and potential of these beasts what we are dealing with and their impact and implications to the human community at evolutionary scale. We will try to fathom and ponder upon it.

4. Conclusion : Winding up of talk by helping participants to fathom and comprehend the big picture moving and will try helping to determine their role in this picture and ways to thrive in as a human race as a whole to determine how can we leave this world a better place then what we found it

Learning Outcome

  • To kindle one’s mindset with a greater sense of identification and self-belonging and helps audience getting insights into technological realm with much wider sense and will help experiencing the big picture in existence
  • Some tangled insights into Technological advancements , tech buzz words like ML, AI, AR,VR and block Chain etc and more importantly their relevancy with various dimensions of life of our present and future generations
  • Our realities and possibilities with present days technologies like ML, AI, block chain, Augmented Reality etc considering Agile Mindset

Target Audience

every one who is interested to learn, participate and contribute in this sacred journey of evolution of Human community as a whole and well being of this entire existence.

Prerequisites for Attendees

All are most welcome! Please join and let’s enrich our experiences of life. No specific Prerequisite.

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