Agile Practice Group – System Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Agile Practitioners

Why would an organization need an Agile Center of Excellence? How can we create an Agile Center of Excellence? What should be its capabilities? How do we grow and keep this group relevant in an organization?

This presentation talks about a case study of benefits of setting up an Agile Practice Group in a product development company. This session will cover why should we have an Agile Center of Excellence, its operating model, hiring philosophies, value creation, solving systemic problems and changing and changing the culture of an organization by the Agile Practice Group.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Value Preposition - what is it that the organization will gain from this group?

2. Vision and Values - what is the long term picture and values of the group?

3. Strategy - how would we bring this value to realization?

4. Operating Model - how would this group operate? Common challenges and opportunities

5. Hiring - how do we hire motivated individuals to be part of this group?

6. Growth - how do individuals in this group grow and what are their future opportunities?

7. Leadership Support - what are the external factors that will help this group succeed?

Learning Outcome

As a Scrum Master or a Program Manager I want to setup an Agile Practice Group in my organization so that I can sustain the Agile Transformation in my organization.

Target Audience

Managers, Scrum Masters, Senior Executives, Program Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

At least 10+ years of experience working in Software development in leadership roles like - Scrum Master, Development Manager, Program Manager

Hands-on experience of working in an Agile Software Development process

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