Showing the power of Agility Than Talking Agile

In most of the places people despise Agile. People think it is some sort of management initiative where the only thing that happens is overloading people with work, changing directions at will and micromanaging. Most of the knowledge workers hate this process and close their eyes to what the philosophy really means. This problem aggravates when these are people in influential roles and decision makers. As Agile Practitioners we have to work out solutions to face this challenge by showing the benefits and advantages that this philosophy and framework bring to the organization.

This session explores how to talk about benefits of Agile without using the Agile vocabulary so that these detractors get converted to followers.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Challenges faced by Agile Practitioners
  • How problem aggravates when we ask people to follow agile
  • Solution : Showing power of Agile than talking about it.

Learning Outcome

Understand how to overcome people resistance in organization which is striving to be Agile.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Management Team, Product Owner, Program Managers

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