Hands on workshop


Objective of this workshop is to understand depth and meaning of scrum
master role, how to deal with complex real life challenges as a scrum
master and how to build roadmap to become a great scrum master.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Understanding scrum master role and pre-requisites

Servant leadership

Building high performance team

Scrum master as agile coach

Identifying and dealing with anti-patterns

Scrum master and management

Agile Performance Management

Skills and traits of a good scrum master

Career path for scrum master

Learning Outcome

This hands on workshop will help the participants to understand the
real meaning of performing a scrum master role in effective way and
develop insights about the roadmap and journey of a great scrum

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

Prior experience in agile / scrum is needed. This session will help the participants to improve effectiveness of role of scrum masters.

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  • Chaitanya Inamdar

    Chaitanya Inamdar - Role of Agile in Institutionalization of User Experience and Design Thinking

    45 Mins

    Working in a Offshore R&D Captive always is challenging considering the "Factory" mindset of development team. Lack of domain knowledge and the user often elevate problems as the acceptability of the solutions provided is hampered and this causes a lot of rework.

    I and my colleagues (initially just 2 of us) tried to explore this problem and bring in a more "Product" centric mindset by helping projects in User Experience and Design thinking aspects. Business, Technology and Design being the key constituents of a successful enterprise, we decided to strengthen the Design aspects as we were doing fine in the other two.

    We explored this area using online webinars, professional training and certifications and a lot of hands on activities which helped us apply these techniques to transform the way in which we now approach our development.Integration with Agile principles have brought in various Operational benefits for us. Although this is just a start to a long journey of Ux , We (now a group of 8 colleagues) are proud to say that we are in the right direction to institutionalize Ux not only in our business unit but also trying to collaborate with other groups within the company.

    "Institutionalization of Ux within the organization is a phrase coming from Eric Schaffer (Human Factors International) who also has a book with this this name, is the transformation of an organization by bringing in the user centric aspects in the product development process.

  • vikram deshpande

    vikram deshpande - Role of Edge devices in IoT

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    We are all hearing about Internet of things IoT and connected devices as the next big IT revolution. The next big business value will be from the data collected from the millions of connected devices, and the applications that create a value from the data.

    The new generation devices will be "Smart" and will be enabled to connect to cloud and exchange data, however in the automation industry there are already millions of devices, managing huge factories, airports, buildings, university campuses etc that also need to be connected to generate value from the data collected by the devices.

    This connectivity will be provided by the new age "EdgeDevices", the edge devices not only offer secure connectivity to the cloud and secure IT friendly data exchange, but also have a computing power to perform Edge analytics, ensuring that "Smart data " and not "BIG data" is collected n the cloud.

  • Sunil Mundra

    Sunil Mundra - Infuse Life, Embrace Change

    45 Mins

    The Key challenge enterprises are facing today is having to deal with the exponential rate of change which is happening in the external environment. The extent and pace of change is so disruptive that no enterprise, regardless of age or size, can take their competitive advantage or even their survival for granted.

    The primary reason why enterprises are struggling to change is that they are modeled as mechanistic or close-ended systems. On the contrary, all natural socio-economic systems essentially which are living systems have dealt with change very effectively since eternity.

    This talk is about infusing life into enterprises. The speaker will highlight the key characteristics of living systems which enable them to deal with change effectively and also suggest actionable guidelines that will help leaders to bring their organisations to life.

  • Dan R Greening
    Dan R Greening
    Managing Director
    Senex Rex
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    180 Mins

    Agile isn't just for software, it's for your thing, whatever that is. In my keynote talk, Agile for Everything, I introduced six fundamental patterns that comprise Agility. They apply not just to software, but to virtually any situation where rapid adaptation can improve success.

    In this workshop, I'll teach and coach you to apply those six principles to your thing. "Your thing" might be marketing, UX design, software, finance, hardware, business development, product management, your company, your family, your career, a classroom, your education, your kids' education, an art project, or building a house. Or it might be something else.

    You gain two ways attending this workshop: First, you will get coaching help in achieving "your thing," whatever that is. Second, you will gain an intuitive, visceral understanding of agility—its strengths and limitations, its nuances and quirks. That understanding will help you rapidly assess agile opportunities and dangers, and will help you teach and coach in more fruitful ways.

  • Sunil Mundra

    Sunil Mundra - The Elephant Can Dance

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Agile Transformation Journeys are difficult, long and uncertain. They need patience, perseverance, conviction, commitment and an unwavering focus on outcomes. It is therefore not surprising that as of now there are few known instances of successful Agile Transformation. For organization which are intending to commence a Transformation and also those who are doing it, the lessons learned from successful and not so successful transformations should prove highly valuable.

    The speaker will showcase 2 contrasting case studies, one a failure and the other a success in agile transformation, to bring out the key variables that determine success or failure in Agile Transformation. The speaker will offer practical recommendations on enablers for successful Agile Transformation.

  • Bibin Mathew

    Bibin Mathew / Venkateswara Reddy P, CSM - Focus Time - A focus on the distractions!

    45 Mins

    Though multitasking is a very good skill, the ability to focus on a task is important to yield more productivity. Over the years with latest technologies, we have trained our self to be unfocused most of the time.

    In this session, we will have a short problem identification exercise, and share some very interesting and innovative practical ideas to eliminate the distractions at work for your Teams to focus on the deliverables.

    Starve your distractions and feed your focus.