This session introduces developing web applications that run in the browser using ClojureScript. ClojureScript is a variant of standard Clojure which outputs JavaScript, rather than JVM bytecode, so it can be run in the browser or in Node.js. In this session, we'll introduce the ClojureScript toolchain and compiler. We'll talk about how ClojureScript uses Google Closure to provide some of the "glue" for Clojure to JavaScript. We'll also look at a live example so you can see how this all comes together and where to get started with building web applications using ClojureScript.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1) ClojureScript introduction

2) Setting up CLJS

3) The CLJS compiler

4) Architecture of CLJS and Google Closure

5) Live Coding for a demo application

Learning Outcome

After this session, the attendee will have a better understanding of ClojureScript and how it does its magic. The attendee will also be directed to further study of the material.

Target Audience

developers, architects

schedule Submitted 7 years ago