location_city Bengaluru schedule Sep 12th 02:30 - 03:15 PM place Grand Ballroom 2

This talk is an introduction of sorts to Hy, a Lisp dialect embedded in Python. We'll explore the semantic designs of Hy from a Lisp programmer's perspective, and we'll look at how Hy gives you the best of Lisp-style functional programming, with the ability to hook into Python's ecosystem.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. We'll start off with a very brief history of Hy. 

2. I'll do a deep dive into Hy's syntax, which people who know Lisp, will be very comfortable with. In any case, the deep dive will serve as an entrypoint for people who also don't know Lisp.

3. I'll talk about the internal architecture of Hy, and how the language hooks up with Python. This will be followed by some demos:

  • Some basic cryptographic routines
  • Running a small Flask web app, written entirely in Hy
  • Hooking into libraries like Numpy, Sympy to show off how well Hy can perform mathematical and scientific tasks
  • If possible, I'd also demo a working Hy kernel for the IPython/Jupyter notebook, which would provide a powerful REPL for Hy programmers. 

All these demos would be written right then and there, to also demonstrate Hy's ease-of-use.

4. Questions, perhaps?

Learning Outcome

The key takeaway here is that Hy is a great functional language, with very strong and efficient functional constructs, but with the entire gamut of Python's vast ecosystem backing it up. The idea is to show participants how Hy is a great choice for both Python programmers who want to get their feet wet with functional programming, as well as seasoned functional programmers who need the option of having more libraries available for their code.

Target Audience

Functional Programmers, Python Coders, Lisp Coders



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