Functional html templating with markojs

Introduction and hands on with less popular but more powerful html template rendering engine - “Markojs”.I ll be explaining how your whole project can be broken down into reactive webcomponents which can work both server side and browser side i.e. isomorphically.

I ll also point out the key advantages of serving your web apps through nodejs and how it outperforms other server side languages like java/php/ruby in terms of performs and maintainability.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

 5 mins - Background
10 mins - Marko Web Components
10 mins - Rendering components server side
10 mins - Rendering components browser side
10 mins - wrap up and Q & A


Learning Outcome

- How write web components which can be rendered anywhere

- Leveraging unix philosophy for html templates using npm and nodejs

- How to write javascript libraries which are pure

- Javascript's unfair advantage over other languages for writing webapps.


Target Audience

full stack developers


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