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The functional paradigm has been influencing mainstream languages for decades, making developers more efficient whilst helping reduce software maintenance costs. As we are faced with a programming model that needs to scale on multi-core architectures, concurrency becomes critical. In these concurrency models, the functional programming paradigm will become even more evident. To quote Simon Peyton Jones, future concurrent languages will be functional; they might not be called functional, but the features will be.

Using his 20 years of programming and teaching Erlang/OTP, Francesco will walk through the functional programming features that make implementations of the actor model viable in the Erlang ecosystem. These are features we might take for granted or do not think about, but have laid the foundation of multi-core and distributed programming, influencing programming languages, old and new.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote


Learning Outcome

  • Why Functional Programming Matters
  • How programming model that use functional programming can scale on multi-core architectures

Target Audience




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