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Every time we heard the word Scaling, first thing comes to mind is Cloud and Distributed systems. In modern days client-side applications increased in complexity and size. This makes architecture very important to scale the client-side application; especially Single Page Application. In this talk, I will be explaining why one should be choosing (Fable) Elmish architecture and how to scale it for large to a very large application.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

In last 5 - 6 years I got chance to work with different client-side technology like JQuery, Knockout, Angular, React etc. Lately, I have been a big advocate of Elm style architecture. While ELM is very restricted, Fable along with ELMish have brought best of both worlds. In my recent project, I'm using Fable-Elmish to create a complex-big client-side application. In this talk, I like to share my experience about why I choose Fable - Elmish and things can be done to scale application.

In the first part of a talk, will explain why TEA (The Elm Architecture) is winning the world, not only for web but for mobile also. It is not a silver bullet but it works and it works for better. We will also look into the reason for choosing Fable-Elmish instead of Elm.

In the second part of a talk, will look into scaling part of a Fable-Elmish application. We will look into two main section readability and performance. Fable-Elmish is having three main components (model-update-view) and will go into details how to scale all three of them . Also, will touch few things that can be taken care while developing applications with Fable for better client-side output and performance.

Learning Outcome

Audience will learn more about Elm architecture in general and how to create large scale application with maintainable code. They will also learn how typed functional programming in general even more useful when dealing with front end code.

Target Audience

Front-End, Fullstack Developers who are using Elm or Elmish architecture with Functional Programming



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