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A standard Elixir distribution comes with fault tolerance and concurrency
primitives that are not available off the shelf in other ecosystems. These
primitives have a learning overhead that is addressed by the excellent
documentation that is available both for Elixir and Erlang/OTP.

But, there isn't much literature describing idiomatic ways to use these
primitives. Most publicly accessible discussions prescribe idioms and style for the
language, but ignore the concurrency primitives that come with it. Perhaps
because the most popular way to use Elixir does not require that you use these
primitives directly.

In this talk, I will unpack and discuss ways to idiomatically use three of
Elixir's OTP behaviours:



Outline/Structure of the Talk

GenServer - 15m
Supervisor - 15m
Registry - 15m

Learning Outcome

We will learn how to use OTP behaviours in Elixir while ensuring that the code is testable and reusable. We will also attempt to understand why OTP behaviours function the way they do.

Target Audience

Programmers who are familiar with OTP behaviours in Elixir but haven't used them to build systems in practice yet.

Prerequisites for Attendees

The ideal participant would have at least skimmed the Elixir documentation for GenServer, Supervisor and Registry in the recent past.

In a pinch, a vague familiarity with Elixir or Erlang/OTP will do.


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