Functional Programming in Rust Lang

Rust is a new systems programming language that is garnering a lot attention from higher level programmers alike. It has a strong type system that enables some interesting functional programming patterns. Through this talk, I would like to demonstrate the Zero Cost Functional Abstractions in Systems Programming and Otherwise. The talk assumes intermediate level knowledge of FP principles and basic understanding of Rust Lang.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Quick intro to Rust Language

2. Rust's functional features

3. Functional Principles from Systems Programming perspective

4. Live examples

Learning Outcome

The talk is meant to help System programmers get started with Functional principles using the Rust language.

Target Audience

Rustaceans interested in Functional programming

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Functional Programming principles and Rust language.

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Public Feedback

    • Anish George

      Anish George - Demystifying Function Sub-typing

      Anish George
      Anish George
      UI Developer
      schedule 1 year ago
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      20 Mins

      What is a Type for a function? When can you say that a function is a sub-type of another function? Why should you even bother?

      Function sub-typing is one of the most confusing areas of FP. In this talk, I'll take a deep dive and explain the core concepts of function types which applies to many different languages. More than just explaining the mere rules, I will be deriving those rules in a step-by-step fashion till the eureka moment so that you will never be confused again.

      The topics covered:

      1. Sub-typing basics
      2. Covariance & Contravariance
      3. Function sub-typing
      4. Implementation gotchas in different languages (Java, Scala, Haskell, JavaScript)