With the seismic shift in industry QA’s testing approaches is also changing, we must know the right strategies and algorithms to test. One of the latest technology is Artificial/Machine Learning Applications like Self driving cars, Virtual Assistants. They have great impact in our life and most of our decisions, behaviour & destinations depend on them.

So in this presentation/Workshop i would like to present all the ways/strategies/ challenges faced while testing AI/ML applications


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Presentation contains following three modules for attendee of different experience types:

  • Beer Wine Classifier
  • Image Classifier(CLI Version)
  • Android Real time Image Classifier

I will be sharing about the strategies and challenges that one may require/face while testing AI/ML apps

Learning Outcome

  • What is AI/ML
  • How technology is shifting towards AI, ML
  • Where does a QA step in
  • Challenges while testing AI,ML application

Target Audience

This talk is for audience of all levels (beginner, intermediate, Expert)

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basics of Testing and interest in Machine Learning.



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