From concept to creation in a week with Fabulous

Having worked in mobile app development for years I can say one thing for sure: creating a mobile application is hard. Creating a cross-platform mobile application is even harder. Which is why I was interested when Fabulous came out.

Fabulous is a new cross-platform mobile library which mixes Xamarin-Forms and Elm Architecture. The Elm language and architecture were not new to me. I had been using it for a year and it had left a positive impression on me. So, it was only natural that Fabulous attracted my attention. First time I tried it after it got launched, I wasn’t impressed by its performance, but recently I gave it another try for a production application and I was amazed. I was able to create a complete app.

In this talk, I will tell you why I choose Fabulous instead of other Cross Platform mobile development options for my app. I will walk you through all the mobile-specific changes I made to get Fabulous working in a performant way for iOS and Android and explain to you how you can use in combination with third-party plugins.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  • Gentle introduction of Elm architecture
  • Brief introduction of Xamarin Forms and Fabulous framework
  • Going through my personal experience of making application within a week using Fabulous

In that will cover below items

  • Introduction to app
  • How I leverage Elmish to create application
  • Issues I have faced
  • Finalizing and deploying to store

Q n A regarding talk.

Learning Outcome

From this talk attendee can easily learn how Elm Architecture can be useful not only for web development but also for mobile development. And create error free mobile application is not a distance dream but a reality. Mobile application created using Functional Programming language and Elm Architecture not only performant and error free but also don't crash on run time.

Target Audience

People who are in mobile devlopment and also like functional programming in general.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Basic knowledge of any programming language.
  • Basic knowledge of mobile development / interested in mobile development
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  • Harald Schult Ulriksen

    Harald Schult Ulriksen - From C# monolith to functional actors with Orleans and F#

    45 Mins

    This is an experience talk from my work with NRK, the

    Norwegian Broadcasting Company, Norway's public broadcaster.

    Over the last 3-4 years we've taken the TV and radio streaming sites from a monolith to multiple

    domain based services. We'll look at how we've transitioned the from a pure object oriented development team to a function friendly organzation, how gorwing the organization forced us to work with Conways law, as well as a deep dive into the bounded context of personalization.

    Keeping track of user progress and favorite shows is the responsibility of Personalization domain, with high performance requirements and surprisingly

    complex business rules. With new business rules and changing architecture, Personalization was in dire need of work. Combining FSharp and its typesystem and immutability with Orleans, an open source Virtual Actor platform for distributed high-scale computing applications, provided us with functional programming with OO principles in a fast and scalable platform. I'll show why we chose this path, the benefits we gained going from C# to F# and some of the lessons learned building on an actor model.