The talk elaborates on the challenges , learnings and pitfalls of taking a team of Mainstream OO developers and build an application employing functional principles .

Unless starting from scratch, organisations would already have established tech stacks and ecosystem around hiring, training , tools and processes.

Bringing functional programming and articulating / demonstrating its benefits are only the beginning .

The devil is in the details of how the team reacts, gaining the confidence of engineers , educating the team and change the way engineers think, especially the established stars in the team.

This talk aims to provide an experience report and give insights to any mainstream team to start thinking and building software using functional programming.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report


Problem Definition

Functional Journey


Learnings and Path Ahead

Learning Outcome

Plan for adopting functional programming and design in your existing engineering teams who are mostly doing OO.

Target Audience

Any one eager to understand how to have enigneeeing teams adopt functional programming and design paradigms

Prerequisites for Attendees


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