ZoomBA - A language for Business Data Processing

If you were searching for how to reduce code - for business, or for QA activities, you have come to the right place. In ZoomBA land, we are not only bothered about the lines of code, we are even bothered about the number of characters! We promote provable, maintainable, minimal coding. That does not mean things are easy and it is codeless as some marketing gimmick guys suggest. They certainly are not. But just like cycling, once you get hang of it, it becomes a habit. ZoomBA promotes declarative thinking over imperative mindset.

In LinkedIn we have used ZoomBA to testing layout of applications across devices, while in BayesTree we have used it to rapid prototyping solutions for multitude of clients.

It is Java Scripting language - supporting declarative thinking.



Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  1. if ZoomBA is a solution, what is the problem?
  2. Introducing ZoomBA
  3. How to in ZoomBA
  4. Effectiveness Metrics

Learning Outcome

  1. Understanding problems with tight code where frequent change is the norm
  2. How much code can be avoided with a bit of declarative paradigm
  3. Introducing ZoomBA

Target Audience

Language Enthusiasts

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • JVM
  • JSR 223 - for Scripting
  • Any Scripting language like Groovy, Ruby, Python...
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