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This is an intensive workshop for those who are interested in learning how to think, read, and write APL. It will help give you the tools, mental framework, and structure for doing things "the APL way." In this workshop, you will have the chance to spend intensive time thinking like an APL programmer. What makes it different? How does the code look at the end? What thought process do you go through to get there? Get a chance to play around with a wide array of problems and solving them "the APL way."

Taijiquan Classics say, "Four ounces deflects a thousand pounds."

APLers might say instead, "Fifty characters solve a thousand problems."


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction
  • The APL Way
  • Thinking like an APLer
  • Problem Solving, Exploratory Programming

Learning Outcome

Participants should come away with a clear picture of APL programming techniques, including a bit of confidence in applying them on their own, and should comfortable exploring and reading other programmer's APL.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in a deep, intensive dive into the world of APL.

Prerequisites for Attendees

It is highly recommended that participants get a basic exposure to APL through some light exploration before attending, though this is not required at all, such as at the links provided here:


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