Dhaval will be presenting the following sessions
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  • Dhaval Dalal

    Dhaval Dalal - Make your program spicy - Currying and Partial Function Application (PFA)

    45 Mins

    In this session, we will look Currying and Partial Function Application (PFA) in Functional Programming. Languages like Clojure don't have currying, but PFA, where has Haskell currying and not PFA, whereas Scala has both, Groovy wants you to call methods like curry() and rcurry(). In OO paradigm, we use DI (dependency Injection) and we will see how this is automatically subsumed using Currying and PFA.

  • Dhaval Dalal

    Dhaval Dalal - Booting into FP

    90 Mins

    This session is an whirlwind tour of the FP land and is primarily meant for developers wanting to embark on their functional programming journey. We will use Java to understand most of the concepts, however, where it falls short to explain certain concepts, we will use Scala or Groovy or Clojure or even Haskell to demonstrate it. Starting with the basics - introducing the concepts with examples, we will evolve our understanding to take the mystery out of the monads (hopefully!)

1. What got you into Functional Programming (FP)?

The main ingredient inside me - Curiosity!

2. What are some of the greatest challenges of working with FP?

The first and foremost the mind-shift!  Second, applying the learnings on day-to-day basis while meeting project objectives.  Many advanced concepts demand time to grok.

3. All the mainstream programming languages are adding functional programming features. Most new languages and frameworks are strongly influenced by FP. What is your advice to object-oriented programmers?

Don't throw away OO, both the paradigms FP and OO have their pros and cons.   Play on the strengths of each - intermixing both the paradigms as demanded by your project context.  It is pointless in arguing over which is better and which is not - Don't look as OO Vs FP, instead adopt the perspective OO and FP.

4. What will be some of the key takeaways from your sessions at the conference?

1) Booting into FP - Folks in the JVM bootcamp and wanting to get a whirlwind tour of FP and check out what is out there in the FP land, come attend this session!

2) Making your program spicy - We will look at reshaping functions in different languages on the JVM and how it helps us as programmers.