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  • Sreenidhi Nair

    Sreenidhi Nair - Learnings from using haskell in production

    20 Mins
    Experience Report

    Over a period of 7 years, we have applied Haskell across Web apps, compilers, parsers for our customers across various industries. This is our report on how some of the unique features of Haskell have not only helped us create stable production environments but also break barriers. On the other hand, there is a high cost of on-boarding new developers and few other pain points. So, is Haskell worth the investment?

1. What got you into Functional Programming (FP)?

I had heard a lot of people speaking great things about fp, and specifically Haskell. At the time, the only languages I knew were Python and C++. I really wanted to know what was so special about it. Having a Haskell job also helped!

2. What has been your best moment or highlight working with FP?

The ability to refactor fearlessly has been the star highlight of FP for me. Of course this needs strong types + pure FP.

3. What are some of the greatest challenges of working with FP?

The learning curve can be significantly harder, especially if someone starts out as an imperative programmer. The change of mindset required is often the hardest part.

4. All the mainstream programming languages are adding functional programming features. Most new languages and frameworks are strongly influenced by FP. What is your advice to object-oriented programmers?

FP features tacked on to an imperative language often does not work as well as an FP language. But it can very well serve as a stepping stone to get familair with FP style. Once familiar with it, trying out a fully FP language might be easier.

5. What will be some of the key takeaways from your sessions at the conference?

How haskell's type level features and abstractions lets someone build really powerful application is going to be the key takeaway.

6. The conference has more than 50 sessions. Which ones are you most looking forward to attending and why?

I'm looking forward to attending all of Ed Kmett's, Tony Morris's and Harendra Kumar's talks - all of them being Haskell related.