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  • Suvrat Apte

    Suvrat Apte - How debuggers work in Lispy languages

    Suvrat Apte
    Suvrat Apte
    Backend Engineer
    schedule 1 year ago
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    45 Mins

    Debuggers are one of the most essential tools for any kind of development.

    Debuggers in Lispy languages make use of Lisp's homoiconicity. They are a bit different from debuggers for languages like C or Java.

    This kind of information is usually not needed in day to day development and hence it remains hidden.

    In this talk, I will take Clojure's cider-debug as an example and explain how it uses homoiconicity. Along with cider-debug, I will also talk about REPLs and how REPL client-server communication happens (with nREPL as an example).

1. What got you into Functional Programming (FP)?

1. A course on Coursera - Programming Languages Part A - taught by Prof Dan Grossman

2. Helpshift!

2. What has been your best moment or highlight working with FP?

Knowing how persistent data structures work! :)

3. What are some of the greatest challenges of working with FP?

Hiring! :P

4. All the mainstream programming languages are adding functional programming features. Most new languages and frameworks are strongly influenced by FP. What is your advice to object-oriented programmers?

Even if you write OO code, there are many things that you can take away by learning FP concepts.

5. What will be some of the key takeaways from your sessions at the conference?

1. How Lisp's syntax helps debuggers.

2. How REPL client-server communication happens.

6. The conference has more than 50 sessions. Which ones are you most looking forward to attending and why?

APL and Haskell sessions because I'm not very familiar with those languages.