Building Intelligent Commerce

Juspay is the leading mobile payments platform in India, processing 7 million txns/day with 250+ million SDK installs. India is a complex payments market with rapid innovation (like UPI), extreme diversity of payment options and friction due to 2FA. Juspay solves this complexity by unifying the diversity and removing friction through innovative products.

Functional Programming is at the core of Juspay. ‚ÄčIt has made building innovative frameworks a norm, building DSLs that help us reliably and rapidly solve our use cases across our four centres of excellence SDK, Backend, Data and Infrastructure. ‚ÄčOur Devs, Solutions specialists, Product Managers, DevOps, QA - everyone codes/understands the Haskell/PureScript DSLs!

With its experience of scaling FP to a 600 member team, Juspay is investing in new learning methods to train the next generation of Haskell programmers in India.

Who we'd like to meet
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