CoSy, evolved from APL via K in open Forth

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CoSy is a new paradigm in computing language and interface . CoSy implements the abstractions of APL , evolved from the notation of applied mathematics , winnowed thru K , in open Forth . Forth is uniquely minimal and open to the underlying hardware . In fact a Forth processor takes up just a small amount of space on an FPGA .  All in an computational notebook , log , environment for dealing with the everyday business of life , written itself in CoSy .

While at the two poles of the computing language spectrum , APL and Forth share a number of attributes :

  • Both are interactive and interpretive at the user level .
  • Both are oriented for the creation of words , vocabulary , which work together in sentences .
  • Both are functional : words are generally structured take the result of previous words and return results to be used by following words .
  • Both tend to be extremely succinct . Definitions are delimited by just a single character .
    • K |  name : { def ... }
    • Forth |  : name  def ... ;

Forth's goal is the minimal vocabulary necessary to create a dictionary capable of extending itself .
It is as simple as language can be :

  • a ` word is any non blank string of characters .
    Space is the prime delimiter .
  • The syntax is noun noun verb aka: RPN

CoSy adds plurals to Forth .

  • all nouns are lists . At the Forth level they have a 3 cell header
    `( Type Count refCount )`
    Lists are allocated . When  ` refCount returns to 0 they are freed .
  • Indexing is modulo -- like counting on your thumb & fingers : 0 1 2 3 4 0

CoSy's next step is attracting the fresh heads and resources to clean it up in a Forth available across the various current chips and operating systems , and to interface thru browsers and the Web


Target Audience

Functional programming community


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