Combining lean startup and A3 Thinking to foster cultural change in distributed organizations

In this session I’m showing a model that organizations can use to foster the adoption of agile. This model is "locally" based on lean startup, understandig Agile initiatives from different countries as startups, and "globally" it uses the validated learning cycles of every organization to create a validated learning knowledge base with the performed experiments of agile practices in diferent environments. This "validated learning knowledge base" is co-created by the members of the internal international Agile community and shared through A3 report sheets.
Lean Start up principles as foundations for a change strategy, A3 thinking and problem solving as a support for lean continuous improvement, Agile Journey mapping as a strategy designing tool and Validated Learning Knowledge Base as a support for effective sharing, compose a complete and easy to use framework that can help communities, multisite organisations and groups of Agile leaders to boost Agile adoption in their business units.  

This model has being experimented in the Dutch multinational organisation ING.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

25 min talk

5 min Q&A

Learning Outcome

An alternative approach to lead an share learning in organisational change initiatives.

Target Audience

Change agents, change leaders, agile champions, anyone interested in design thinking and cultural change


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