location_city Gatineau, Quebec schedule Nov 24th 04:00 PM - Jan 1st 12:00 AM place Room - Salle des FĂȘtes

Maintaining a backlog of user focussed stories, breaking large stories down into smaller ones and turning small batches of the highest priority ones into working software on a regular basis is a cornerstone of a solid approach to agile software development. 

However, a flat backlog and a near term viewpoint can result in losing the context of the small sprint level user stories in the larger product picture. A user story map arranges users stories from the linear/flat backlog model into a two dimensional model keeping everyone focussed on users and their experience - it tells the story of the product.  

Many other benefits follow related to product discovery and planning to facilitating day to day conversations and shared understanding, ultimately leading to a better product.  

In this hands on exercise facilitated by Phil Green, we'll learn about the model and technique by creating a simple user story map. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

intro slide to establish context for exercise

hands on exercise

closing slides to relate exercise to software development

Learning Outcome

Understand user story map model and how to apply it

Target Audience

Product Managers/Owners, Business Analysts, User Experience

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