Are you curious about agile and agility? Are you just starting out and have more questions after your “boot camp” training?  Bring your questions and build the content of the discussion in real time.  I’ll demonstrate agile practices in a highly interactive workshop using your own content.  No two workshops are the same, because the list of questions are always different!  You, the audience, will build the backlog (content/questions), I will estimate them, and then you prioritize the backlog.  I’ll go in 10-minute “sprints” taking items off the backlog, answering your questions and addressing your content. AFter, we’ll have a review and a retro.  We’ll get as many “sprints” in as we can before our time is up.  You walk away with your questions answered, and a “live” demo of what agility looks like in practice.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction and explanation - 5 min

Create backlog items - 5 min (timeboxed for the audience)

Estimate items - 5 - 10 min

Prioritize backlog - 10 min (timeboxed for the audience)

1st “sprint” - 10 min

1st Review and Retro - 5 min

2nd “sprint” - 10 min

2nd Review and Retro - 5 min


Wrap-up/Q&A - 5 min


Total: 60 min


If any of the earlier segments run shorter, then I may squeeze in a 3rd “sprint” at a shorter timebox.


Learning Outcome

Whatever you want to know!  You build the content!


Target Audience

Beginners, Team Members, Managers, Practitioners

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  • Ellen Grove

    Ellen Grove / Mike Bowler - Digging in the dirt: unearthing assumptions about organizational & team culture

    90 Mins

    Organizational and team culture is rooted in implicit assumptions about how individuals relate to one another in getting work done.  To foster alignment or change, it’s critical to have open and frank discussions about what we assume and what we value: this workshop will demonstrate how to have that conversation using LEGO Serious Play

  • Mike Lowery

    Mike Lowery - Coaching flow - Moving past resistance

    Mike Lowery
    Mike Lowery
    Sr. Agile Specialist
    schedule 7 years ago
    Sold Out!
    60 Mins

    “They are resisting the changes I am trying to implement!” It’s a common refrain when people don’t embrace a change with the speed or enthusiasm desired. Do you keep pushing, give up or call in the big guns? How you respond to resistance can doom the change to failure, or boost the chance of success.
    As coaches, we introduce new ideas in many different contexts. Relying on positional authority (our role as coach), or calling on outside authority (the managers who hired us) isn't likely to get those ideas a fair hearing.
    In this talk, Mike will help you see resistance from a new perspective. By understanding how much influence you have, what forces are interacting around you and seeing different ways to re-frame your issues you can still get your message across without “inflicting help” on others.

  • Omar Bermudez

    Omar Bermudez - Trust, Canvas, and Legos

    60 Mins
    Help your team in improving their trust relationships and gaining a deep understanding of trustworthiness.
    Learn to use the Team Trust Canvas and LEGO Serious Play methodologies to strengthen your team performance. During the workshop, participants will learn which factors are essential for trust and how to use this new capacity to create an environment that brings the best of people.
    Hand on activity, a lot of fun and serious work.