Performance Appraisal MAKEOVER: Stop measuring people & Start evaluating your ecosystem

Performance appraisals are one of the most frequently criticized talent management practices in agile organizations. The criticisms range from their conflict with the agile values to their having a destructive impact on the relationship between managers and their subordinates. Let's talk about how we can transform this huge "individual" process in a "ecosystem" process that respects the agile values, gets people happy & engaged, and allows to improve the organization ecosystem.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

A mix of talk, workshop, and experience report:

  • Introduction - Talk (20min)
  • Workshop (it will be mixed with a experience report in one of my clients) - 55 min
  • Debrief 15 min

Learning Outcome

  • Why actual performance appraisal does not work in today organizations
  • How to start your "EXTREME MAKEOVER - Performance Appraisal Edition"
  • How to stop evaluating  people
  • Build your ecosystem
  • How to evaluate your ecosystem
  • A real exercise to include in your next ecosystem performance review


Target Audience

SM-Agile Coaches-HR Managers-HR executives-Managers & Directors

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