location_city Gatineau QC schedule Nov 23rd 10:15 - 11:15 AM IST place Room - Jean-Despr├ęz

In the fall of 2014, the OSS group in Bell Mobility began a transformation towards using more Agile and Lean software development practices in order to optimize the delivery of value to their business partners and better serve Bell clients.

In this presentation, Alain Fortier, the General Manager of the OSS group and Steffan Surdek, agile coach at Pyxis Technologies will talk about the first year of this journey. They will explore how putting the focus on learning by doing helped the management team as well as the development find better ways of working together.

Participants will hear many stories about the lessons we learned on this journey and how the pieces are starting to come together after a year. We will share stories around various experiments we tried and how we were able to build on these experiments to foster and enable a culture of learning by doing. 


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

This is a brand new talk we will be creating for GOAT. Here is a high-level overview of the topics:

  • Speaker introductions
  • Bell Mobility OSS – The business case for change
    • Main delivery challenges
    • Building a vision and shared values
  • Lessons learned working with the various development teams
  • Lessons learned working with the management team
  • Managing our project portfolio more effectively
  • What are some of our next steps
  • Conclusion

We will basically be talking through the session, exchanging banter and showing examples of what is going on in some of the teams.

Learning Outcome

  • Participants will see some real-life examples of learning by doing instead of being stuck in decision paralysis
  • Participants will hear some examples of challenges faced in a large organization and how we are working to overcome them
  • Participants will see an example of managing a project portfolio through a three-tiered Kanban board

Target Audience

Project managers, team members, management teams, executives

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